Used Industrial Shelving for Sale

The needs of clients in the optimization and rationalization of the available capacity of the warehouse is constantly growing along with the continuous increase in the cost of construction or lease warehouse space. Our rack equipment and experience enable us to satisfy these requirements and achieve maximum impact with each meter of usable area. Proper industrial design taking into account the knowledge in the field of material handling equipment, availability of staff specialists with over 10 years of experience, careful study of jobs, high-tech production and accurate error-free installation is the key to a successful project!

- Pallet racks: front and printed (drive-in)

This type is designed to store products on pallets and is divided into pallet racks front type with direct access to the goods and printed (entry) system where pallets are placed by forklift in special tunnels - tech enters directly into the rack, extended storage of the same type products.

• Front rack has received the greatest distribution in US and is installed in the warehouses of various sizes and purposes with a wide range of goods. Low cost shelving from the manufacturer, ease of installation, wide selection of sizes and a large number of options to explain this demand.

• Printed (deep) racks have a greater capacity by eliminating aisles are for items of the same item, are effectively used in freezers.

- Shelves for storage of products on the shelves

Shelves have a maximum number of modifications and options that can be adapted for the storage of any piece of goods on the shelves, easy to assemble, have low cost, are used in warehouses, stores and offices, storage of documentation in archives, books in libraries, home and garden, one hundred and garages to accommodate the tool and wheels.

Metal rack shelf is divided into 3 series, depending on the loads on the shelf distinguish mild (up to 150 kg), medium (up to 400) and enhanced (up to 800 kg). Also we have 2 types: galvanized and powder-coated. Used Industrial Shelving for Sale cheap, any size according to height, depth and length of the shelves for any needs:

• Archival shelving (stationary and mobile) - organization of the archives at the enterprises, in banks for storing documents in boxes or binders. Used as shelving for books in libraries and schools.

• Metal rack office storage office routine goods, papers and documents, exhibition samples, office equipment. Can be made of galvanised or powder coated in corporate colours of the client.

• Pallet-bookshelf speaker - rack warehouse with shelves for loads of 1,500 kg on the shelf and more. Based on pallet racking and is suitable for combined yardage and piece goods and pallets.

• Rack-wheels-tires - popular design that allows you to keep the tires between seasons, also used in shops and service stations for display of goods for sale. Possible to combine with shelves and get a rack for the garage can accommodate tires and tools.

• Racks for the home, garden metal shelves for household needs and restore order in the storeroom, bathroom. Wide range of colors, low cost, versatile design allows you to install in any room.